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Coverage aka a detailed report. The process takes 14 business days. Athena International will take certain scripts into development under and others we will set in the right direction with the plethora of contacts and connections that have been firmly established over the decades by Gloria Tait.

Projects are taken into Development under a Development Retainer Agreement that lasts one year. There’s also the option of us turning your script into a treatment. (a fee for reading scripts is standard in the business). Over the numerous years in the business Gloria and Allen have read thousands of scripts and treatments so we know what draws attention in the industry.

Fee: $500


Distribution/Aggregator Service for Indie films :

Creating a distribution plan before making your film. This can make the difference between securing great distribution or limited to no distribution options at all. Distribution and Marketing planning whether you’re going to self-distribute or work with an established distributor.

Ongoing Distribution Proposals & Agreements review. Distribution Financial Statements deep dive review. The role of overseeing the delivery of a film involves ensuring the successful completion and timely delivery of the project according to the agreed-upon specifications. It encompasses managing all aspects of the film’s production, from pre-production to post-production and distribution. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on delivery from the early stages of pre-production is crucial to avoid potential challenges when it comes time to deliver the film to the distributor.

Maintaining a proactive approach throughout the production process is essential for a smooth and efficient delivery.
Athena International has a plethora of outlets to get your film to along with independent movie houses.


Distribution/Aggregator fee is $2000

We do not take any funds from what you get for distribution.

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