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Talent Management:

Personal Management for Actors, Musicians, Authors, Script Writers and more. Mangers mold talent and direct their careers along with always looking out for their best interests, going to bat for them. More importantly Managers negotiate and seal the deal when the time comes. Managers do not book talent, that is where Talent Agents come in. From every deal, every project big or small Managers get 15% of Gross from everything that talent does. This stipulation is non negotiable.

Any talent that is represented by management needs to follow the guidance given, from photos and reels, image and image presentation; what not to post on social media, public behaviour is vital to pay attention to. Management has the
talent’s best interest at heart.

Athena Talent Management is the Original company that has existed since 1992, even before the name was established our Foundress Gloria Tait was shaping the careers of a plethora of talent. Athena was always known for beautiful women and handsome men, nurturing, developing talent to stardom.

Script Reader service: Coverage aka a detailed report. The process takes 14 business days. Athena International will take certain scripts into development under and others we will set in the right direction with the plethora of contacts and connections that have been firmly established over the decades by Gloria Tait.

Projects are taken into Development under a Development Retainer Agreement that lasts one year.

There’s also the option of us turning your script into a treatment. (A fee for reading scripts is standard in the business).

The Script Reader fee is $500

To turn you script into a Treatment is an additional $300

To Take your Script into Development and Consultancy under a one year deal the cost is $9000

In-Depth Analysis of the Overall Financing Plan and Optimal Approaches.

This comprehensive analysis delves into the overall financing plan, exploring the best options for moving forward in terms of financing, casting, and other crucial aspects. It includes the provision of budgets, production schedules, and cast scheduling. Additionally, detailed story analysis and development notes are provided to strengthen the storytelling and characters. The plan also entails securing talent by realistically assessing options, engaging with our talent agents and our management side.

● Budgets, Production Schedules, and Cast Scheduling
Thoroughly developed budgets provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial requirements for the project, covering all phases from pre-production to post-production. Detailed production schedules are devised to ensure a smooth and efficient production process, outlining essential milestones and timelines. Additionally, careful consideration is given to cast scheduling, maximizing availability and compatibility with the project’s vision.

● Story Analysis and Development Notes
To ensure a compelling narrative, the screenplay undergoes a detailed story analysis. Development notes are provided, addressing page-specific aspects and offering suggestions for strengthening the storytelling and character development. These notes aim to enhance the overall impact of the screenplay.

● Securing Talent
A pragmatic approach is taken to secure talent, considering available resources. Direct communication with talent agents and management corporations allows for realistic options to be explored. By leveraging our industry connections and knowledge, we strive to acquire the most suitable actors and actresses for the project to maximise the financing that can be leveraged against the talent attached.

● Consulting and Overseeing Key Business Matters
We provide consultation and active oversight in key business matters such as submissions to financiers, buyers, sales agents, and distribution partners. Leveraging our industry experience, we offer valuable insights and guidance to position the project effectively for success.

● Creative Pitch Decks
We offer consultation and/or assistance in creating dynamic creative pitch decks. These decks serve as visually captivating presentations, effectively conveying the project’s unique selling points and attracting potential stakeholders and investors. This is an essential piece of the puzzle when trying to secure directors, talent and financing.

● Retainment and Financing of Tax Credits
We provide consultation and/or oversee the retainment and financing of US and International tax credits. By leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we optimise the utilisation of available film tax credits, ensuring maximum financial benefits for the project while minimising the equity risk for potential investors.

● Consulting and Overseeing Script Budgets, Shooting Schedules, and Cast Schedules
To optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we offer consultation and/or oversight in script budgets, shooting schedules, and cast schedules. Through careful alignment of these elements, we create an optimised production plan that balances creative goals with available resources.

Distribution: see the details on Distribution and Aggregator service.
Producer Consultancy: The same as above but we do not take the project into Development or distribution.. The duration is 3 months and the rate is $3000 Distribution/Aggregator Service: Creating a distribution plan before making your film. This can make the difference between securing great distribution or limited to no distribution options at all.Distribution and Marketing planning whether you’re going to self-distribute or work with an established distributor. Ongoing Distribution Proposals & Agreements review.Distribution Financial Statements deep dive review.

Overseeing Film Delivery to Distributor The role of overseeing the delivery of a film involves ensuring the successful completion and timely delivery of the project according to the agreed-upon specifications. It encompasses managing all aspects of the film’s production, from pre-production to post-production and distribution. Emphasising the importance of focusing on delivery from the early stages of pre-production is crucial to avoid potential challenges when it comes time to deliver the film to the distributor. Maintaining a proactive approach throughout the production process is essential for a smooth and efficient delivery. Athena International has a plethora of outlets to get your film to.

Distribution/Aggregator fee is $800. We do not take any funds from what you get for distribution.

Producer Services: Athena Talent and Gloria Tait have numerous years under their belt when it comes to Producer credits. Athena has access to everything: Cast, Crew, Directors, Location, Funding Options.

**Producers fee is in the budget minimum rate is:

$10,000 for Low Budget films the base rate is $3000.

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