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Talent Management:

Personal Management for Actors, Musicians, Authors, Script Writers and more. Managers mold talent and direct their careers along with always looking out for their best interests, going to bat for them. More importantly Managers negotiate and seal the deal when the time comes. Managers do not book talent, that is where Talent Agents come in. From every deal, every project big or small Managers get 15% of Gross from everything that talent does. This stipulation is non negotiable.

Any talent that is represented by management needs to follow the guidance given, from photos and reels, image and image presentation; what not to post on social media, public behaviour is vital to pay attention to. Management has the
talent’s best interest at heart.

Athena Talent Management is the Original company that has existed since 1992, even before the name was established our Foundress Gloria Tait was shaping the careers of a plethora of talent. Athena was always known for beautiful women and handsome men, nurturing, developing talent to stardom.

For more info download our Talent Management FAQ here.