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Athena Independent Films (AIF),

●What is needed in order to take on my project? A basic treatment is needed along with some funding..

● Do you fund projects? Not at the present time, however we do have funding avenues that AIF will put you in touch with.

What is it you do? Everything from casting, to crew, to location up to distribution. We are producers, WE make it happen!

● What is the average budget of an Independent film? Indie films are also known as Low Budget films, those budgets run anywhere from:

$100,000 up to $5,000,000.

● What Genres do you deal with? All genres from Scifi, drama, inspirational, LGBT, Comedy, Documentaries and Independent series.

What distribution avenues do you have? There are multiple streaming services we can approach with completed projects. Netflix UK , Shudder , BBC, GayBingeTV, HereTV, MGM/Amazon just to name a few.
Budgets for Indie films, etc.

Seed money at $60,000 with collateral Range anywhere from: $125,000 $170,000

Higher End: $300,000 all the way to $5 Million