Athena Productions

We here at the Production side of Athena International work on a variety of Productions from start to finish around the globe.

Over her illustrious career Gloria Tait has been working as a Producer on a multitude of projects both before and since she came into the TV and Film Industry over 50 years ago. From the theatre, club productions, TV Series and Films Gloria and Athena get the projects not only produced but get the results. Connected to top people in the business from agents, other producers and well known established directors, she knows how to “ride the wave” and navigate striking when the iron gets HOT.

We have multiple Productions in all stages of Development and Production. Athena has access to everything that is needed from cast, crew, locations, directors, co producers and Low Budget funding. WE also partner up with other Production companies to get our projects off the ground our main goal is to get our Productions Produced and on to streaming platforms globally.

Athena has established connections at: BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, SKY, Netflix (UK) AMC Networks and MGM/Amazon with leads in Disney and Hulu.